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Good wine marries the reading
07 July 2014

Good wine marries the reading

"Great is the luck of one who possesses a good bottle,

a good book, a good friend. "

Molière (1622 - 1673)

Merging two of these precious things (a good book and a good bottle of wine) in a single product is an elegant action, especially in comparison with a market of fleeting and fast things. On the contrary, a book requires the right time and good wine should be savored and enjoyed in relax, not drunk in a hurry as an aerated soda. Then, if both of these things conjure up an ancient, Mediterranean and perfumed land like Apulia, the magic flows through all our senses, up to the memory and sensations.

To wrap such things, telling us stories, it was important to create a packaging likewise communicative. A briefcase with the colors of terracotta, well-finished details, which already begins the story carried on by its contents.

What if you received it from a good friend? Indeed, you would be lucky.