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Offset printing is ideal for obtaining high-quality results, characterized by clear and brilliant images.
The paint is a type of finish, both glossy and matte, consisting in the application of water-based acrylic paint during the process of offset printing. The function of this finish is both aesthetic, giving the printed high gloss, and protective, increasing color performance over time.
The lamination consists of applying a very thin film, glossy or matt finish, on the surface of the substrate. It is used to protect the printed and donate gloss or elegant opacity.
The hot stamping is done through transfer of a lamina through the hot pressed cliché. Let’s get logos and other elements with impressive results.
The cool die cutting allows to create a dry relief that enriches and enhances the product.
The serigraph print (consisting in spot painting) allows to create special effects such as swelling, embossed, glitter, metallic, iridescent, phosphorescent, abrasive, glossy, mat effects that greatly enrich the printout.
Different solutions of lamination (paper on corrugated board, paper on rigid cardboard, cardboard on corrugated board, cardboard on rigid cardboard, cardboard on single face board) are used to realize the most appropriate product.
The final form of printed products (paper, cardboard boxes or laminated boxes) is given by cutting and creasing, with the use of an appropriate mold.
The folder-gluer machines allow to perform various types of closure with the maximum efficiency, for example with single flap or double flap, automatic bottom, four corners.
A range of services, ranging from packaging to special assembling, complete the work.
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